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I began searching for my ancestors in the 1980's. In doing research and traveling to family member's homesteads over the years, I have accumulated a lot of information and have placed most of it on the web. My grandmother, Emma Skeens Hawley (photo - died in 1984), was a great inspiration and source of knowledge when I first began to research. I am sure she would be happy to know I have stuck with it. It is assumed that most American Hawley families are descended from Joseph Hawley, the first emigrant from England in 1630, who settled in Stratford, Connecticut. I have documented my Hawley family, starting with my father, Ray Hawley, back to Calvin Hawley, g-g-g-grandson of Joseph Hawley. The Hawley Record, by Elias Hawley, documents the generations from Calvin Hawley back to Joseph Hawley. Over the years the Hawley's migrated from England to Connecticut (1620-1720), Massachusetts (1760), New York (1817), Pennsylvania (1840), Michigan (1854), Kansas (1877), Illinois (1940) and Florida (1958).
-Pam Hawley Marlin

1920 Hawley Family Reunion in Garnett, Kansas

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