Virgil Lee Hawley

Virgil Lee Hawley, son of Arden Lee and Rose Brecht Hawley, was born in Strong City, Kansas in 1923. He married Mary Richards and had three children. Mary worked with polio victims and eventually contracted the disease. She spent her last few years in a iron lung and died in late 1955. In the 1960's Virgil moved to south Louisiana to work in the oil business. He passed away in May 2010.

Remembering Virgil

David Hawley, has set up a website in honor of his grandfather, Virgil. Of special interest are the writings, In His Own Words by Virgil.

Virgil and Mary's Children

  • Ardena
  • Stewart
  • Marvin

Virgil Hawley 18 years old, Strong City High School grad 1941-42.
Photo contribution: Adam Hawley

Virgil in front of Tulsa home. Photo contribution: Adam Hawley

Virgil wedding photo. Photo contribution: Adam Hawley

Virgil and Mary Hawley