Garnett, Kansas (Anderson County)

I visited Garnett, Anderson County, Kansas in June 1986. It was my first 'official' Hawley family genealogy trip. I really wanted to travel to Kansas in the summer because my great-grandmother's family, the Skeens, hosted a family reunion every summer and I wanted to attend. This way I could meet most of the family at one time. In addition, I took opportunity to research my Hawley family. Being young, this was my first trip taken without my parents and my grandma's cousin, Junior Skeens, was kind enough to let me stay with him during my trip. My great-aunt, Wanda Hawley (Emma's daughter), born in Paola, Kansas, decided to meet me and be my tour guide. I first learned about Garnett, Kansas, from my great-grandmother, Emma Skeens Hawley. Emma was born in Paola, Kansas and it was there that she met my great-grandfather Lloyd Howard Hawley.

Visiting Garnett was like stepping back time. The town looked very much like it did when Martin and Adelaide Hawley (parents of Lloyd Howard Hawley) first moved there in 1877. Upon arriving we were lucky to meet Elsie Brown (photo above). She was kind enough to give me a tour of the museum and show us the many resources, old newspapers, books and photos that it contained. In those days, history documents and materials were not available online like they are today.

While in town I also visited Frank Roswell, a ninety-five year old man (photo left with my Aunt Wanda), who recalled being a pall bearer at one of the Hawley brothers funeral. We also visited Esther Pralle, a distant cousin, who was the daughter of Eugene Nathaniel and August May Hawley and another Hawley cousin, Thelma Raper. Up until the 1990's I kept in contact with these ladies and Esther (now deceased) would occasionally send money to help with the Genealogy search.

The Hawley genealogy research included visits to the Garnett Cemetery where many Hawley's are buried, the county courthouse to search property and plat maps, the Garnett museum, and visits to family homesteads to which most are located outside Garnett on long dusty roads surrounded by farmland.

While visiting the Garnett Cemetery I was disappointed that I could not find the headstone/grave for my great-great-great grandparents, Martin and Adelaide Hawley. In an effort to find their grave, I visited the county offices to see a map of the cemetery. It was then that I realized that my great-grandmother, Adelaide, had died in a mental hospital, the Osawatomie State Hospital. A visit to the Osawatomie State Hospital would provide a journey of discovery about my great-great-great-grandmother.

The following photos were taken of the Hawley family farms in Garnett, Kansas while I visited in the mid 1980's. There were three generations of Hawleys who lived in Garnett: Martin, Walter and Lloyd Hawley. For relationship see Family Tree.

 Kansas Photos

 Walter and Louie Hawley homestead photos View webpage

NOTE: The following photos were taken in the 1980's and Watler and Louie's house is no standing.

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  • The house in the 1980's Martin and Adelaide Hawley used to own the house and the story is, he gave it to Eugene. Martin died in this house

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